Monday, December 5, 2016

June 1, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos

    Well this has been one of the fastest weeks of my mission, but what
I'm really scared of is that this next week is going to go by
even faster! We saw some super cool miracles this week though, which
was good! This area is doing so much better since being combined with the
other area, and we are able to work a ton better. We also have so much
work to do, sometimes we just don't know who to visit, and how to plan to fit
them all in! But for some reason it always works out! Thank goodness!

    So I'm just going to start, and admit to you all, that these last few
days have been super tough on me. There has been a ton of drama going
on here in the branch, and since I have been here the longest they are
always asking me what's going on, and why didn't I do
this or that. However it's always been super stressful because at this
point, my body is starting to not sleep very well, and I just lay in
bed at night worrying about the fact that I am going home soon! It's
been tough! I really have quite the fear! I don't know why, but I guess it’s

because I have adjusted to this being my life that it almost feels
like I'm leaving everything behind to go and live in Idaho, even
though deep down I know that's home! I am just going to miss my family
here in California so much! It's heart breaking. These people have
changed me, and I have helped change them. I just need to replace my
Fear with Faith!

    We had a lot of cool experiences though this past week! I have to tell
you all about one of them! It was the coolest thing for me to watch
one of my recent convert families, 6 year old son, teach one of our
investigators how to Pray! It was absolutely amazing. He did it so
much better than us missionaries ever could have! We were teaching the Luna
family and at the end they had a family friend at the home, who is
actually the boyfriend of Hermana Luna's daughter, and he is
investigating the church! At the end we thought it would be great for
him to pray, he said he didn't know how, and next thing you know
Alfredo was teaching him one on one, and even Alfredo said the prayer,
and Victor said what Alfredo whispered into his ear! It was the most
precious moment I think I have had on my mission! I can't wait to see
what kind of missionary he will be.

     We had a great week overall though! It was a ton of fun. I am really
enjoying the last few weeks of my mission. Having these areas
combined, we never have enough time, but we have had so much success
this past week with some of our less actives. Each week we constantly
are seeing more and more of our less actives coming back to church! It
is such a great thing to see!

    We were able to go on exchanges on tuesday which was kinda interesting
I went to the english area, with the zone leaders, and Elder Contla
who is a Spanish Zone Leader, came into this area, where he actually
served a little less than a year ago. They had a ton of fun, seeing
old members that he was teaching when he was here. While I was on
exchanges, we had so much fun! I was with Elder Muncey, and we had
some crazy experiences. We were able teach an investigator whose son
got baptized a few weeks back, but she has been struggling with a few
things! Her name is Liana, and Liana absolutely loves her Redneck
Idaho, country boy. The elders tell me she is always asking about me
every time they go over. So I had the chance to visit with her again
which was a lot of fun. She had a marijuana plant that she was legally
growing on her back step that she let me take after the lesson. His
name was Ernie, and the little one was named Delgado. After Elder
Delgado. Ha ha Liana also is going to be getting baptized this
saturday, and she made me promise that I would wear my cowboy boots to
the baptism! Well it's a good thing I got a pair of work boots. I'll
have to shine them up and make me look nice and fancy. I am so excited
for this all to happen! It will be such a wonderful experience.

Thank you all so much for you love and support! I hope this letter
finds you all doing well! Love you all!

Elder Parker Albertson

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