Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hola Familia/Amigos

    Wow! It’s been a week of nothing but time flying by! Looking back right
now is making me super nervous for my last 5 weeks as a missionary!
I have this feeling that the time is going to go so fast that
I'm not going to know where it even went, or anything! All I know is that
the time is coming to an end quickly, and that I need to work as hard
as I can these last few weeks so I can say at the end that I gave it
my all!

    This past week wasn't nearly as exciting or crazy
as the last one, with all the bike stuff! However, we are still
trying to get ourselves out of the apartment we are currently in
due to the fact that they still might know where we live, so we just
feel it would be better for us to move out either way!

   We had a pretty successful week though! Sacrament attendance was a
lot higher this past Sunday than the weeks before! Yesterday we
actually made it into the 80’s in sacrament meeting! Super awesome!
The past few weeks we have been in the high 40’s or low 50s!

     Yesterday was awesome! I had the opportunity yesterday, to
participate in a babies blessing! It was a super cool experience to
be able to have a member ask me as a missionary to be a part of their
babies blessing! I can’t even imagine how amazing and great of an
experience that will be, when I have the chance to bless one of my own

     This week we found a new family to teach. We are super excited to work
with them. Hopefully this is the family being prepared to be
baptized before I come home.

      With transfers being this past week, we had a great time. While
everyone was at transfers, Elder Choffin, Jeske and I had a great time
going over to the Souza families, to do some service. It was a ton of fun.
 I love that family. They are so amazing. And so much fun!
Brother Souza is hilarious, he is non stop joking around, and acts and
thinks he is still young, even though he is quite an "Old Man" ha ha!

     We had a great time being able to cook for the homeless here is Woodland.
We cooked spaghetti, for between 200 and 300 homeless people here In the city of
Woodland! It is awesome. I had a great experience.

    We are really enjoying our time here in Woodland! Thank you all so
much for your support! Prayers are wonderful. I truly can feel them as
a missionary!

Love you all!
Elder Albertson

Ps: Can't wait to speak to you all next week! :)

 Being fed Pizza by Sister Souza for all our hard work!
 Service over at the Souza's 
 Yes!  This swimming pool is sooo Tempting!

Elder Jeske and I after doing our "Chores"

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