Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well, I don't even know where to begin, except with the fact it has
been an insanely good week! As you all know it was Mother's Day, so to
be honest I don't really know what to say, due to the fact that, I think
I told my family everything so I don't want to rewrite what I already
told them all! Ha ha jk, because the entire Skype call was about me
going home!

I have to admit that was super hard, because with so little of time I
have left, and wanting to finish as strong as possible, Skyping didn't
help but make me more trunky! However I have been praying a lot about
it all, and I know that I will be able to finish the way that the Lord
wants me to.

Monday was a wonderful day, with a few small things that happened.
Things that might set me back in life a few steps, however definitely
will not allow it to affect the Lord’s missionary work! Monday was
P-Day and with the new missionaries, and Elders here in the Zone we
went to the Woodland community center to play basketball, now remember
this is after the fact that I had played a full on tennis match that
morning. I happened to have an issue come up where I had to put my
shoulder back into place. Wasn't the funnest thing to do, however it
needed to be done.

That evening Elder Jeske and I had a super wonderful evening! We had a
super good dinner! It was a ton of fun, and I was trying my best to
open up to the sisters who are serving here in the branch! After dinner
is where the fun really began though, we had a family home evening
with the Luna Family in the home of the Rodriguez's! It was awesome!
Everything went super well, even though we had to leave early, to head to another
lesson. However we actually found out they didn't leave until 10 o’clock!
Ha ha they get along super well! Also another miracle that we
saw is that the boyfriend of Hermana Luna's daughter who is 18 came to
live with the Luna family so he could get a job, and save some money
up. He plans to marry their daughter, and he also told us tonight he
wants to be baptized into the same church as the Luna family! So we
set a Baptismal date for the last Saturday of my mission! Please pray
for Victor Correa that he will be able to make it for that baptismal
date, and that all will go well!

We also had a super good lesson, with a less active 21 year old, who
we have been becoming super good friends with! Her name is Cesi and
she is awesome! We are like best friends with her! We have
seen a complete 100% change in her the last few weeks! It's awesome!
She is starting to really figure things out and see the bigger
picture. She wants to go to BYU-Idaho, and also has the desire to
figure out where God wants her in her life right now. Whether it be to serve a
mission or maybe to be the missionary of her family, in helping the rest
of them come back to activity in the church! It's amazing to see how
so much depends on your relationship with less actives, and
investigators that changes so much! It's amazing! I am so happy to see
the work and such that we are doing here, and the changes she is
making in her life to be a better follower of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday was super nice and laid back due to fact that we didn't have
a district meeting because we had Zone conference which happened to be
my last one on Friday! It was super fun, however I definitely got hit
with a reality check when they told me I would be sharing my departing
testimony! It was super good though. I kept it short, and testified
about how much my mission had changed me!

Thursday was a ton of fun, we had the opportunity to go back out to
the ranch where we went last time, and we did the same service! The
weather was a sure lot better his time though, or maybe we were just a
lot better prepared for the sun, and so we didn't get burned as bad as
last time! Elder Choffin and I had a super good time rolling the
tracks, after the rocks had been picked up, and making sure they were
completely ready for races, and such.

Friday was super interesting, we had to drive all the way to
Vacaville, and we're able to have a wonderful Zone conference. As I
mentioned before I had to give my departing testimony but also we had
to go to Vacaville because people from Salt Lake City were
coming to install a device called TIWI. This little device is attached
to the computer in the vehicle and can radar all of our movements as
missionaries! It's super annoying because it will talk to us to, and
let us know if we are speeding, or if we get on the RPMs too much, or
brake too hard! It's absolutely ridiculous! I do not like it at all. We
also have a card we have to scan that is attached to our name, and
keeps record of everything that we do. Also sends notifications to
President Alba, as well as Salt Lake about everything we do wrong!

Saturday was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time doing
service. From setting up to have our branches Mother's Day party, as well
 as helping set up for Daylin Souza's, birthday party! It was a lot
of fun. Our Mother's Day activity had a pretty good turn out. We
cooked up and ate about 100lbs of Carne Asada. It was super good! We
also had the chance to go and help organize and sort food donations
that came in from the mail trucks, that people were leaving by their
mailboxes. It was amazing to see how much food was donated. The city
of Woodland does that once a week as well.

As you all know Sunday was Mother's Day! It was a ton of fun, and
I was so happy to see my family!

Love you all!

Have a wonderful week!
Love Elder Albertson

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