Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Wow! This has been a super interesting week! Last week I believe I mentioned  almost getting the car stuck, and now this week I’m gonna be able to tell a story about getting the car actually stuck twice in the same night! Something else that is super funny about this past week, was the fact that it has been raining a ton, and there is a moral to that story as well! 

We had a lot of success this past week, with missionary work, teaching an finding members, as well as getting our investigators progressing even more. I have felt very satisfied with the work that has been going on here in Rio Vista, even though we may not be having Baptisms.... YET! We are still working very hard, and the Lord is definitely blessing this area, for our hard work, because we keep seeing the miracles. 

Monday was a pretty interesting day. We started off our P-Day with 2 hours of good ol’ service. Helping one of our investigators and his wife, who is a member, with building their home. They are just getting started and they had the chance to tear out a lot of stuff with a back hoe. It was pretty fun to be able to help guide Brantan as he tore out poles and concrete fences with it! My companions weren't too happy about the idea of doing service during their P-Day. However, I thought it was amazing. 

That evening we had dinner with them as well. It was super good, and went great, however it seemed like we had been with them for like all day. Ha ha however things were great. We talked with them about the Book of Mormon and its significance, and importance of reading it! Coming to know the truthfulness of it as well. 

We also then had a great night going and visiting with the Stinson’s. They are such an amazing couple, and so much fun to be around. We always have such a good time talking about tennis, and golf. Bro. Stinson who is not a member, might I remind you, is such a good guy, and always loves having us at his house. But he has quite a few of questions we are still working on answering. 

Tuesday is when things got real interesting. However it was a lot of fun and we had a great time. We were able to travel to Fairfield for zone meeting which was a lot of fun. Those meetings have become a lot less stressful when I get called on. I guess I have gained some confidence and now I just blurt things out! Ha ha It was a ton of fun, this zone is kinda rowdy!  

Tuesday night is the night we got the little Toyota Corolla stuck in some mud.  Elder Snow went with Bro Ricketts on splits and had a great time. While Elder Medina and I had a wonderful time doing some Spanish work in Walnut Grove and the surrounding areas. On our way out there though we felt prompted to stop and talk with this family that lives right off of the Levee Rd. And as we did so, I couldn't find anywhere to park, except this little farm road that was slanting downhill and backwards. When I went to pull the emergency break, we began to completely just slide all the way down the hill to flat ground because of how muddy it was. My heart began to run very fast, and I just thought to myself, how am I going to get this little car out of the mud and up this muddy hillside. BUT thank goodness for prayer! I said a silent prayer in my head, and probably 2 minutes later I was able to get some grip, and put the car in reverse and floor it up to the Highway.   

Later that evening after coming out of Walnut Grove.  I went to get to the highway again, and fell right into a small puddle from what it looked like, but really, it was deep, and sucked me in immediately. What a blessing it was to have a companion like Elder Medina who was willing to get out in the rain, and mud and push the car. We got out, and better yet we got home safely. Our car was quite a muddy mess for the rest of the week though that's for sure. 

Wednesday and Thursday were both very interesting days, because President Alba, decided that we as a mission were going to take a car fast. So all day we had to walk, and ride our bikes. It was super interesting because it absolutely POURED! Unfortunately, I just barely sent my rain jacket home! I knew this was going to happen! The day I sent my rain coat home, is the day this drought was going to come to an end! Ha ha Sure enough just my luck! It was super muddy walking around town, and to make matters worse we had to walk to a farm field to get to Triolgy for dinner because we couldn't walk on the interstate! 

Friday we had interviews! It was such an amazing feeling to be able to tell president all is well.

As you might be able to tell. Things here in Rio vista are absolutely going amazing! One week from today Hawk and Liza will be getting married! Isn't that going to be absolutely amazing! 

Love you all! And hope all is well at home! Take care till next week! 

Love, Elder Albertson 
 Helping a member.

The "TRIO" in "RIO"

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