Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well this week was super busy, whether it was eating food, teaching
lessons, walking in the rain, or playing tennis and football, to make
my body hurt forever! Ha ha I am so outta shape, it's ridiculous!
Probably to the point to where Luke could beat me in
wrestling. Ha ha

Well, as you all know, this past week was Thanksgiving, and we happened
to eat a ton! We had four meals on Thanksgiving day, and it was
absolutely amazing! Our Thanksgiving day went as follows:
8:30 am Turkey Football
10:00 am Breakfast with our Ward Mission
11:00 am Tennis
2:00 Dinner with the Tingey family.
4:30 Dinner with the Short family.
6:30 Dinner with the Surlas!
9:30 Time for bed!

   As you can see, the day was very successful, and we had a lot of fun,
as well as eating like champions! The members here in Rio Vista are
amazing! They are so nice, and I feel like my relationship with them
is very good. I sure as heck hope I don't get transferred this next
transfer. But I will go where the Lord needs me to go!

    Tuesday we had district meeting, which was very interesting. Tuesday
night we had a crazy good night. We went out to Walnut Grove to try
and find some new investigators. While doing so, with all the rain we
have been getting, we had a fun time trying to find all the addresses,
because the roads are dirt, and they were super muddy. We ended up
taking our brand new 2015 Toyota Corolla mudding. It was pretty
interesting. Trying to clean it was kind of a pain as well.

Things were kind of slow though all week. Especially with it being Thanksgiving
this past week! However, things are going really well, and we have had
a lot of opportunities to do service. This past Saturday we went out
to Sherman Island and had a great time cleaning up the beach from all
the crap that has been coming onto the shore. It was super labor
intensive but it was very good.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun setting up a Christmas tree. We even did
all of the ornaments.  Yes mom, I spread them out evenly just as you taught me.
Ha ha Brother and Sister Stinson are awesome. We had such a good time.

Well I hope all is well with you all! Things are going great here in
Rio Vista! I love the area, and the people. My companions and I are
doing well. I have learned a lot this transfer when it comes to loving
people who you don't always see eye to eye with or people who you may
not exactly agree with 100%.

Love you all!
Elder Albertson


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