Monday, December 22, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

   Well, this is probably the hardest email I’ve had to write home,
throughout my entire mission! One of the biggest trials has truly come
upon me in the last 24 hours that I absolutely had no control over.
I’ve gone from loving so many families here in Rio Vista, to seeing it all
come to an end by getting transferred due to some unfortunate circumstances.
It's been quite difficult. I would be taking this transfer a lot better if it wasn't for the fact
that, when transfer doctrine came out, The Lord had intended for me to
stay here in Rio Vista and continue to work that I have been doing here.

    Other than that though, things here in Rio Vista are going great. I am
very sad to see myself leave, but I guess that it's something to learn
from. I did my work here, and I will continue to do it as well in my
next area.

    We have some super good news though. Hawk and Liza are currently, at
the courthouse in Fairfield legally getting married today! That is
definitely the highlight of anything! For the fact that Hawk and Liza,
are taking the steps to be Baptized and eventually be sealed in the
Temple for eternity! I am so excited and cannot express my love for
them! They have been through so much, but just continue to press

    Another amazing thing that has been happening here in the Branch is
that we have been seeing tons of less actives coming back to Church!
Whitney Murphy (Jacobsen) has come the past 3 weeks, and is doing
quite well. We didn't even have the chance to see her, and tell her to
come to church yesterday, and she even went out of town and made sure that
she was back home in time for church. It has been absolutely great to
see the progress she has made, and the love I have for their little
family is amazing! I feel a part of their family!

    Saturday we had the Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. We had a
good time, and even preformed a small skit and got everyone laughing. It
was a lot of fun, and we had a pretty good turn out too. It was a lot of
fun. Santa Claus even showed up for the little kids. It was super cool.
Don't worry I even took a good picture with Santa! I told him what I
wanted for Christmas as well. :)

    Saturday, we also had a zone blitz here in the area. It was great,
and we had a ton of fun. There were about 24 missionaries here in the
Rio Vista area, which included about 6 other little small cities.
We sent missionaries to every little city for about 2 hours, knocking
doors, and trying to find new families to teach. We really haven't had
the time yet to get too far into all of the names we got from the
blitz, but from the look of things, it all went pretty well.

    A lot of great things have been happening here, in the Rio Vista
branch. However, I have been very frustrated about a lot of things
lately concerning transfers. Even though, like I said before it's not
something I can control. Friday we got the call for transfer
doctrine and it had Elder Snow going to Winters, while Elder Medina an
I were going to have the chance to continue to progress the wonderful
work here in Rio Vista.  However those plans were changed last night,
at about 4:30 when I received a call from President Alba, concerning a
few things.

   Presidente Alba received a call from a Priesthood leader, here in the
branch of Rio Vista. This Priesthood leader brought up a few concerns
to President Alba concerning me, and a few things that I had done. A
few of those things were things along the lines of disrespecting
members at dinners, and saying things along the lines of there not
being enough food an such. There was also a concern that I was
starting a relationship with one of the young women here in the
branch. Another thing that was brought up was the fact that we went to
a young women party, and that I went by myself over with one of the
young women and began to flirt with her.

    Now this has all come out in the last 36 hours, when we were at the
Christmas party. There was an incident, when this member who told the
Priesthood leader in the branch all of this.  He also talked with my
companions, Elder Snow, about how I was the one who needed to be
transferred and that ever since I got here, I haven't done anything
good in the missionary work efforts, and so on. It was very frustrating.

    Sunday at church, an incident happened with the same member who
talked with my Companion Elder Medina, and mentioned the same
things over again about the whole situation, almost to the point of using
inappropriate language. He mentioned how I am too bold and open,
and harsh, toward everyone. She mentioned she was brought down by
the fact that I was staying in the area.

    Now this same member is the member we used to visit 5 or 6 times a
week, at the end of our night. When Elder Olmos and Elder Bischoff
left, I felt the need to put a stop to it, so we began to cut the lessons
down from 5-6 times a week, to only once or twice a week. She took
personally, I didn't like her and such. I feel she is out to get me from there.

    In regards to the relationship toward a member there, that is completely a lie.
She is referring to Sister Holly Short’s daughter Mariah! Mariah and I are great
friends. She is super tight, and I love their family but that is all. The incident when
they say we went over to a party was when we went by to drop a
picture off for Sister Short.  We realized that the young women were over.
We knew Sister Short wasn't home, but she said to just drop it off. We
went in the home, dropped the picture off, and then I mentioned that they
shouldn’t be watching “White Chicks” and left within minutes.  I was never apart
from my companions either.

I just want you all to know, that this has all been passed through the
telephone of this one member who is crazy, and causes all the drama in
the branch. I am 100% innocent of all the claims made towards me. I am
looking forward to finishing strong on my mission!

I love you all. And thank you all so much for your support.
Happy Holidays!
Elder Albertson

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