Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Wow! Let’s talk about a crazy week! More than anything the
experience I had this last week with the Earthquake! It was pretty amazing, to be
completely honest, I would be 100% down for another one. Talk about a
story I will be able to share with friends and family for the rest of
my life! What a great experience it was to be able to be here and experience
a 6.1 Earthquake happen. To be honest though I kind of wish it
would have done more damage that way we could be involved in a ton
of service for the next few weeks! That would be amazing!

However, everything in Vallejo is going great! We had a great week
with transfers happening, we are now with our new companions here in
Vallejo and working hard! I picked up Elder Alcivar in Santa Rosa
Tuesday afternoon and brought him here to Vallejo with me, to work hard,
have fun, and be obedient! He is from Brooklyn New York, but was born
in Ecuador! He speaks perfect Spanish, but speaks it with a Brooklyn
accent. He loves talking to the African Americans here in Vallejo!
Elder Alcivar actually came to the mission with me on the same plane!
We actually sat next to each other! It’s pretty crazy having been able to now
serve with both of the Elders who came out with me, back to back!

Monday was kind of a crazy day! It was super sad to have to say goodbye
to Elder Carillo, he was such a great missionary! He was a
lifesaver here in Vallejo for the past 2 transfers, because he was always
so relaxed and never got uptight about anything. While the other zone
leader, who is still here, gets super uptight, and worried about the
dumbest things. However I know Elder Carrillo has good plans
now! He is definitely going to be one of the missionaries that taught
me the most on my mission!

We were also able to get a large amount of cleaning done, as well as a
lot of basketball in! It was great! I was so glad to finally be
able to play a good full 2 or 3 hours of basketball! I know I should
be more focused on the Lord’s work, but to be honest, sometimes we just
have to take a day off, to refocus, and play some basketball and clear our minds.

Monday night was great since it was the last day with Elder Delgado
in the area. We pretty much just spent the entire day going around and
visiting all the members, and investigators that he wanted to see,
before he left. It was great! Elder Wright hung out with Julio Tobias,
Presidente Tobias’ son, for the night, so that they could work in his
area since Elder Carrillo had gone home!

Tuesday was a day full of riding in a car! However it was kind of fun to
be able to drive back through my 2 hometowns here in the mission!
Sonoma, and Santa Rosa! Everything seems to be going great! It’s kind of
weird going back, I had already kinda forgotten how to get around the
city of Santa Rosa! It was great to be able to be at the transfer
devotional again though, they always have such a good small messages to
share with us, that always give me another drive to keep working

It was a lot of fun being able to bring back, Elder Alcivar and Elder
Jeske from transfers! They are 2 crazy, but solid
missionaries! The cool thing is that they will both be in my area and
I am going to be able to work along side with them, as they are now apart
of my District.

Wednesday and Thursday were both pretty low key! We pretty much just
continued doing missionary work, and tried to introduce all of the
families that we are teaching, and our investigators! It was a great 2
days! We also got ahold of the assistants to the president, that way
they could send us a car! And sure enough we finally did it! We are
getting a car tonight! What a Blessing! The car is going to definitely
bring miracles for us here in our area! We will be able to improve who we
are teaching, and hopefully help them all enter the waters of Baptism

Friday we had a wonderful district meeting. It was a
wonderful and spiritual meeting that we had! Things went so
great! The new district we have here in Vallejo is going to be great!
I am super happy to be able to be their leader, and help them achieve
their potential!

Saturday was one really crazy day! More like Saturday night when that
Earthquake took control! Holy Cow! I guess mother earth just needed to
relieve some stress or had quite the Itch! We all four woke
up at 3:21 a.m. to the earthquake! The First thing that ran through my
mind was the fact that maybe someone had set a bomb off, and then
decided to start shooting the neighborhood up! Pretty crazy! However
all of our beds were shaking, things were falling off the shelves, and
things were going crazy! It seemed to last for a good 30 seconds, but my
guess would be that this all happened anywhere from 3-6 seconds! It
was super scary! Looking back now it was pretty fun! It was
quite the big earthquake, Size 6.1 and where I live is only about 5
miles from the Epicenter!

Not a lot of damage was done here in Vallejo, just a few shops down.
Tons had the windows break out! However, a lot of stores had a lot of
merchandise lost! The City of Napa was hit pretty hard! A lot of
buildings falling, a few houses! Luckily no injuries which was great!

Church on Sunday was shortened to only Sacrament meeting, than we all
went out and checked up on everyone. Everything is going great here in
Vallejo! We are still here working hard, and striving to bring others
unto Christ!

Thank you all so much for your support! I Love you all, miss you tons!
Keep being good, Reading the Book of Mormon, and Choosing the Right!

Love you!
Elder Albertson

 My New Companion! He is such a stud, and so funny! He's from Brooklyn,
talks like he is Black but in the Spanish language! Pretty Hilarious!

Mom, I found Elder Hastings while I was at transfers! 
He is doing great! 
A hard working missionary!

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