Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15,2014

Querido Familia/ Amigos

Wow! This has been quite an exhausting week! I feel like I’ve been hit by
a train, while I was sleeping. It’s crazy how much energy it truly
takes to be a missionary! I think it is harder than anything I have
ever done. Mentally exhausting, physically exhausting, and spiritually
exhausting. However what a blessing it is to be a part of Gods team,
and wear my jersey every day! (White Shirt and Tie!) Everyone should
watch the Mormon Message Same Jersey.

This week has been pretty good all in all! However, it has been super
exhausting! Crazy hot as well!

Last Monday was a super good day for us! Wasn't too hot either!
However, it has been super weird lately in our area! Going from
walking, to having a car, to now being on bike. Biking is the only
way this area is truly going to grow for now. However Monday we
got to teach 3 great lessons! We taught a wonderful lesson to Jefferson!
We finally found out exactly what he has been going through in his life lately. We
finally got him to open up to us about his father and 2 brothers
passing away that live in Honduras, and he won't be able to go back
for the funeral! So crushing to hear such sad news!

We also had a wonderful lesson with Alma and Gil. Alma is a member,
however her boyfriend Gil who she lives with, and has 2 kids with is
not a member! We were able to talk a lot about the plan of salvation
with him because he has tons of questions, after watching the movie,
“Heaven is for Real”! I think he showed more interest in learning about the
gospel on Monday than he has he entire 6 months I have been here! What
a blessing it is to see such a small thing open his heart and mind to
something he needs in his life!

We also had a wonderful lesson with the Ramos Familia. They are
progressing really well! We were able to keep it kind of short, however
we talked with them about church attendance and the importance for
them to come to church! Hermana Ramos loved it and she couldn't wait
to come again, however she was sick!

Tuesday was super interesting! Elder Ford a New District Leader did a great job! This is his first time being a District Leader and he goes home in December! We are helping him out, and I am very happy that he is getting this opportunity to be a Leader! 

After District Meeting we were able to convince most of the Zone to go to "Golden City Buffet" It was super good! I ate a ton, and they all also convinced me to try Sushi for the first time! I hated that stuff! It was so nasty, especially the way that it felt in my mouth! Aww Disgusting! 

Tuesday wasn't the best day for us! We didn't teach a lot of lessons, however we rode our bikes to Benicia! We only taught Hermano Rabanales, and the sad part was the fact that his wife wasn't feeling up for sitting in on our lesson! I was super upset because she is so nice, and we had a great message to share with them that day! We shared the video of Thomas S Monson. “Dare to Stand Alone”! Hermano Rabanales loved it! He was super into the video! They are doing really well though! 

Wednesday was a pretty interesting day! It has been kind of hard lately because we haven't been able to get into contact with my recent converts Veronica and the kids, because something happened, and Javier her husband is saying that I disrespected him by calling him a F****** Mexicano when he was home two Sundays ago, but no one answered the door! However the crazy thing is the fact that we didn't even go by! It was Hermano Guzman y Hyrum (Elder) Alvarado who went by that day! However they didn't do it either! So we are not allowed to visit them without a member, and every time we go over, they are never home! Except when Javier confronted us about it! However Wednesday we had the opportunity to teach Hermano Flores, who is a recent convert and now in the Elders Quorum, so we are trying to help him understand his calling, and how he can fulfill it to the best! After we took the time to go try and Visit Veronica, but she wasn't home! Can you imagine, Hermano Flores, Elder Alvcivar, and I all in a tiny little Nissan pickup? Smaller than a Ford Ranger! 

After Lunch we were able to go out and try and contact a ton of people! We had a pretty decent day! To end the night though we got to teach the Ramos Familia again, and talked with them a lot about Baptism! I am hoping we will be able to baptize them before we leave this area! Also had another great lesson with Alma and Gil! However their little boys weren't in the tub, so we weren't able to get very far, because they are super cute, and super crazy! Ha ha 

Thursday is when it started getting a little rougher! And super hot! We had a great lesson with Mario Campiz, the less active! He is such a great guy! I have learned so much from my time here in Vallejo! I feel we have helped him so much, with a lot of things that have bothered him about the church! He will be back soon, and active completely! But I feel as missionaries we aren't going to be able to do it! He needs more than just us as a friend, and the problem is he thinks the branch looks down on him, for the decisions he made to get married, and have kids rather than serve a mission! However I know he will be back! 

Friday was quite the day as well! I think it was the first time in an area where I have felt lost on what to do to progress the area! I feel like I have run out of Ideas, and don't quite know what to do here anymore! Most of the people I have met, or taught! 6 months in an area is along time, especially when it’s a small population with Hispanics! However, in weekly planning on Friday we set the goal to visit every single member, potential, or even former investigator that we have in our area book! It is going to go well, and hopefully we will be able to see the miracles come from our hard work this next week! 

Saturday was a day full of Service! Thank goodness for service opportunities! Sometimes I wish a huge disaster would happen here, so I could just wear regular clothes all day, and clean up from the disaster, and do service! It such an amazing way to show your love for the people, and everything! We had the opportunity to go and move a lady who is in the english ward! It was super fun, she had no idea what she was doing, or any plans so I pretty much ran the party! Packed the truck like it was a sardine can! ha ha We had it all completely done in 3 hours! Then I was able to call Elder Payne in Fairfield to go and unload the truck! It was good to be able to talk to him again! I miss serving with him! 

After Finishing up that service project! The entire Vallejo Zone, was able to do some service for the community that we had lined up! We went and picked up trash in a city park for 2 hours! It was a lot of fun, however I was super exhausted, and could barely do anything! I was pretty much a walking zombie! Ha ha 

This was a super good week! Sunday was pretty much, full of eating food all day! With Sunday football now, it seems like every home we go to visit is just barbecuing and watching football! Ha ha! We had some pretty good Carne Asada yesterday and some chicken on sticks! ha ha Super good! 

Love you all! Thank you for all your support in everything! 


Elder Albertson! 

 Still super swollen!
 Bike Brothers!
 Vallejo Zone! For Sister Anderson's Birthday!

 Wonderful picture of the bridge 
that goes from Benicia to Crockett!
Elder Alcivar happened to take 
a picture in Priesthood! Here it is!

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