Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hola  Familia/ Amigos

Holy Cow! This week flew by! I think I am truly starting to recognize
how fast time truly flies after you hit your 1 year mark! It’s starting
to really scare me! However it just makes me realize that I need to
really focus and start to work as hard as I possibly can, because my
time will come to an end before I know it!

I have some great news for you all! Friday we got our transfer
doctrine. It all started with a call from President Alba, who was
calling to assign Elder Delgado to be a Zone Leader in Petaluma!
However, the good news is the fact that I am going to be staying here
in Vallejo for another transfer! I am super excited! Things are going
to be great! That means that this will be my 6 month area of my
Mission! And I am very thankful to be having my 6 month area in the
best area of the mission!

Well last Monday was a pretty good day! We were able to go to Benecia,
and play Lava tag in a huge jungle gym! It was so much fun, and a lot
of wild things happened! I was running from Elder Dunlap full speed,
and wrecked, into the railing, and drilled my knee! My knee is super
bruised, and was pretty swollen for the first few days!

Monday, we also spent the entire night, teaching and moving Veronica,
and her family into their new home! I am not really too sure on what’s
going on with Javier and everything, but hopefully everything will be
great! They are doing really good as a family! I hope they continue to
be strengthened in their life!

Tuesday we had our last District meeting! As a complete District for
the fact that we knew that someone from our district is going to be
leaving! Im super sorry I need to apologize. I am having a super hard
time focusing right now, because we just received news about
transfers! So my mind is a little distracted! However the district
meeting went really well! We were able to finish with all of our
testimonies so things were really spiritual!

Our exchanges this past week went really well! I was able to take
Elder Dunlap with me to Benecia where we were able to teach a new
family, and another man! They are super sweet, and solid! I am so
excited! Elder Dunlap and I were really able to get on a one on one
level and truly talk about a lot of things that were going on! I am
super proud of him! Our bike ride out to Benicia was super hard

After District meeting we were able to go to a hamburger shop
named, THE HABIT! No worries though this isn't a habit for me! However
their burgers were super good, but I still miss me a good Ol’ Big Judd

Wednesday was another great day of the week! We were able to teach
Veronica! For the English class that night we were able to do a small
split where we sent Elder Delgado with Elder Ford, to teach the
English Class and Elder Foster and I went and taught their
investigators as well as ours! We only had time to teach 2 lessons,
but both lessons were super sweet, and powerful!

Thursday was a day full of miracles as well! We went to see the Ramos
family, and usually their one son who is about 40 is super rude to us,
swearing, cursing, and yelling rude things! As well as he has told us
that he will not ever see us on his property again, or he will do
something about it! Kind of crazy! But we continue to do our best to
teach them, and be safe! However he agreed to listen in with us this
last time! We talked a lot about his relationship with Christ, and how
he wants to better his life, and he finally realized that it was through us,
he will be able to change his life! I truly feel I have been
sent here to serve in Vallejo at this time for a reason!

Friday changed everything! I was pretty sure that I was going to be
getting transferred! However, I’m thinking things will go great! So when we
began to weekly plan for the week! We received a call from President
Alba. We knew one of us was going to be getting a call for
another calling! Elder Delgado got the call! I am super excited for
him! He will love being a Zone Leader! So we pretty much finished
weekly planning, and I pretty much did it all by myself! Not that it
was a bad thing, but the plans are going to be amazing!

Saturday was such a blessing! I was able to start my day off with
lunch with Agustin from Santa Rosa, my recent convert and the Less
active who is now completely active with a temple recommend. I was so
happy to see them! It was such a blessing! They even took us to lunch
at Olive Garden! And after wards, he drove us to a car show to take
pictures with him! He is super funny, and I love that man! He is
definitely one of the reasons why I was called to serve in this mission,
and In Santa Rosa!

We also had our Hot Dog activity again this week! It didn't go well at
all! Ha ha.  We maybe had 10 or 15 people come! I stood out on the
street again, waving a sign, and trying to get people to eat a free
hot dog, and take a free tour of the church! No one came, so I decided I
would take the 80 hot dogs and start handing them out on the
streets for free! Ha ha.  Every one wanted a hot dog after that! It was

Sunday went as well as possible! It was Elder Carillos last Sunday in
the mission! Kind of weird having to say goodbye to him! He is a great
guy and will do great things! It’s kind of funny, because we have so much in
common! His parents actually worked for Lambert'
s... as well as Watt
Farming I believe! It’s crazy!

Well Family! I love you! Thank you for all the support! You are all
great! Take care! I love you!!

Elder Albertson

 Such a Beautiful Corvette!
 Agustin and I! After our Trip to Olive Garden
 Vianey and Agustin! They are so great!
 The Elders and a few members 
at our Dinner in the Park!
 Cooking for Elder Carrillos last breakfast in the Mission! 
Biscuits and Gravy!

Our Last Sunday night meeting! 
Goodbye Elder Carrillo! 
All of the Leaders in the Zone

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