Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th, 2013

Familia y Amigos 

Aww man what to talk about this week! Ill try and keep it short but I'm not so sure how well that will be! Its kinda tough when you have so many things to share! But ill do my best, i know you guys probably don't like reading my 5 paragraph emails! Even though Kamryn did say i was a better email writer than Abe! What a compliment NOT! ha ha 

Alright well anyways, just so you all know, Im enjoying the mission so much! I have had many trials sense being out here, but i know that the lord is just testing me to make me a better and stronger missionary! I have come upon many struggles that have truly frustrated me so much, because they all have ended up costing me money! UGHH i never knew i would be such a tight wad on my missionary, especially with only receiving $131 dollars per month here in California is a struggle! My bike has broken down twice now, and I have only been out 2 weeks, oh boy this could get expensive if it keeps up the way its going! So first my pedal broke, and so i bought new pedals and lights, cause the one my father sent worked great, except the mount broke, so i had to tape it so i just bought a new one! When putting the new pedals on, a while bike while mountain biking my dad may recall i hit a rock, and wrecked while breaking my crank on the bike, we were lucky enough to get a pedal in it the first time but when i went to put the new pedal in it, it was completely stripped out, and i couldn't even get a pedal to work in it! I took it to the bike shop, they replaced the arm on the crank which completely fixed it, until i realized that pedals had a certain side on it so i had stripped out the other side! The bike shop has been really great though and giving me quite the deals for fixing my bike but its still frustrating to have to stop the lords work to fix my dang bike! Its gonna end up costing me about $65 dollars, and than i should be good to go forever! HOPEFULLY! 

Like i mentioned last week in the email, ive got 2 investigators with baptismal dates, which has been exciting to continue teaching them both! Hopefully they follow through with the baptism! We cant force them to be baptized, we just have to invite, and bring them unto Christ, and let them choose for there own, whether they want to except the gospel! 

Last night i got the opportunity, to teach an investigator named Socorro who i have mentioned in past emails, when we walked in she had a friend over, named Maria! We had the opportunity, to begin teaching maria, while having Socorro present! I got the opportunity to teach about prophets, and how they are still living on this earth today! I also had to recite the first vision in spanish! Which was killer! It brought the spirit into the lesson like no other! In the end she was catholic and wanted to know how we pray because she didn't think a recited prayer was correct! I got to teach her how to pray, and hopefully she progresses quickly and they can be baptized on the same day! 

I'm truly Enjoying this so much! Its incredible! 

I love you all! 

Elder Albertson

Address: 19014 Hickory St. Sonoma, California 95476 
Letters are great! 
 View from our apartment
 Wheelie on the Rental Bike
 Want a Book of Mormon?
 Lots of Vineyards everywhere! Which means free grapes!
 Panera Bread that we deliver to those in need every morning
 My first sandwich in the Mission
Elder Albertson, Elder Ashton, Elder Payne, Elder Mullenaux, Wheeling time! Sorry Elder Medina and Garity are disabled on bikes, so they took the photos!

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