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July 18, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
 The time is absolutely flying here in the mtc! I started my 4th week hear yesterday, Ive seen missionaries, come in after me, and leave before me! Ya tell me about it! Anyways, the time here is absolutely amazing, i wish you all could experience the feelings of the spirit i feel here everyday! This week was such a hard week for me to incounter! I know the Lord has blessed my family in many ways, though with me being here on my mission!
As many of you may know, last week on Thursday, probably as i was praying for comfort for my great grandpa, after a great Preparation Day, He passed away! I kinda Knew it was coming, after getting the Dear Elder from my Mom, that had told me he had went for the wrong turn! Friday Morning, the intercom came on in our room, it kept cutting out, as i stood up, to hit the intercom, to see if it would start working better, they asked, Is Elder Albertson there? I replied, with a simple Yes! The minute i said yes, i got this great feeling of relief come over me, and right then they asked if i would come down to A116, i wasnt even sure where this room was! Elder Howlett and I put our books away, and began our trek to A116, i knew it was in 1M which is the main buidling, we continued walking, I looked at Elder Howlett my Companion, and said " Elder Howlett, Heavenly father has taken my grandpa back into his presence, where he is without any pain, and in a better place!" That feeling of overwhelming peace, that came over me, when they ask if i was there, was heavenly father showing his love for me, and comforting me, through this hard time, and the hard time, i maybe thinking my family is having at home! As i walked into the Secretary office, they asked, are you Elder Albertson, I insured i was! 5 Minutes later i was taken into the office of the MTC President, where he informed me my Great Grandfather was taking back to heaven, and that his life here on earth, had been completed! He than asked if i felt the need to call my family at home, or email home! I insured him, i didnt, want to do that, because i knew it would make things even harder on my family, to talk to there missionary, but about the passing away of my grandfather! I did ask him, if he would call home, and ask them, if the lettter i had written, my great grandpa, made it home, and was read to him before he passed away! He left the room, called home, and insured me that it was! That was such a blessing for me, to be able to know that my prayers were answered, and that my letter made it to him!
Now today is the day of his funeral! I have been praying for the best of the family! And that they will know and understand he is in a better place! I wish i could be there for this, but i know, that the Lord will bless me for staying and continuing his work! Missionary work is the most important work, i could be doing! I may not be making money, nor being able to be with my family, but i know that my family is being blessed for it in many ways! In Doctrine&Covenants Section 31 Verse 5, It says "Wherefore, your Family Shall live." In my thoughts that means, that my family, whether it be my ancestors, or posterity will always have the gates of heaven open to them, to return and live with him again! That means so much to me know that! Because familys are everything!
We had another devotional on tuesday night, when we walk to the marriot center, and have such great devotional! Wow! Dad, you are right, we do sing Called to Serve everytime, but i get the chills everytime also! Anyways, The last devotional we had, Richard G. Hinckley Spoke, who is the son of Gordon B. Hinckley! The power of the message was so strong! Some of the great quotes he said were... " They way missionaries show there love to there heavenly father, is by showing there love towards the people!" WOW! What a powerful message i know!
On my Planner which i carry daily, i have some quotes, these quotes are
"My Banner will be Clear"
"Helaman 5:12"
"I wont look back, Let Up, Slow down, or be still"
" MY face is set, My Gate is fast, and My goal is HEAVEN!" 
"Obedience is the Price , Faith is the Power, Love is the motive, The Spirit is the Key, Christ is the reason!"
The reason i have these quotes are because these are quotes i have come to help me realize why i am here, and what my purpose is, and so i look at it anytime i am having a rough time, or just need lifted up from a hard time!  If any of you find anything really cool, print it out and send it to me, because i cannot print things here, unless they are talks! Thank you all so much for the support! I love you all! 
 Elder Albertson (Lucky) 
"Picture of our Classroom"
 "Me and My Companion Elder Howlett"
"Back Flip!!"
"Me and my disctrict Leader Elder Garnder"

 "What we do when we are bored"
 "Giant Corbata"
 "View from our bedroom"

"My Desk" 
 "Pictures we draw for our teachers"
 "The Army of Helaman after Devotional"

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