Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Holy cow! Time truly is a flying. I don't even know where this past week went, let alone the past transfer that I have been here in Rio Vista. This time has come that we have now been called to depart from the great Trio-N-Rio and now share our talents in other areas, or with other people who are waiting to hear the gospel. 

I am definitely going to miss my wonderful companions that I have had here in Rio Vista. I definitely know that where they are going, there are people waiting to hear the message of the Gospel from them, and need to hear their testimonies. 

Elder Bischoff will be taking his talents to the great city of Vacaville, and will have the chance to serve with some other great missionaries there. 

Elder Olmos is going be headed to San Rafael, to be a follow up trainer to another great elder. 

It's going to be quite different not having Elder Olmos and Elder Bischoff around anymore. My new companions are going to have to fill some very large shoes. The Branch here in Rio Vista absolutely loved those Elders, and loved our “Trio-N-Rio”. 

Overall, though this past week has been absolutely amazing! We have seen so many miracles within the missionary work this past week. It has been crazy! We were able to pick up 8 new investigators this week, and were able to teach more lessons in the area, than this area has done for a super long time. 

Wednesday was definitely our Miracle day! We were able to teach 3 lessons before dinner, as well as talk with tons of people because we did a lot of area bookwork. Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to go on splits with the members taught a lot of people. Just in the evening we all contacted the daily goal of 10 people each, and as well we taught 6 lessons. So in total all day we were able to teach 9 lessons. That's the most I have done in one day my entire mission. This area is really starting to progress. 

I had the opportunity to play tennis this morning with a Members husband who has been coming to church for quite a while, and has just been baptized. Don Stinson is quite the tennis player, and sport fanatic. I definitely think I am in this are for a reason, and he is one of those reasons. 

Since we have been able to meet so many new families in the area this week, it has been completely amazing! I am so glad that I will be staying here in Rio Vista, and continue to share the gospel in such a wonderful area, and such wonderful members! 

Saturday we had a lot of fun doing some service at Hawk and Liza's house! We had the entire District out here in the Rio Vista doing service. It was a lot of fun. We were pulling trees out and tossing a lot of tree branches! His Property is really starting to get cleaned up, and now we are definitely going to have a to have a huge burn day! It will be tons of fun! 

Overall though things are going great here in Rio Vista! I love the area, and cannot wait to continue seeing the work grow and increase! 

I want to throw a shout out to my cousin Cassie! I am super happy and excited to hear she is going to be getting married in the temple and will be able to receive so many blessing for living worthily to do so! 

Love you all! 

Elder Albertson 
 Tennis was so much Fun!!
Fairfield Zone!!

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