Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos,

Wow! Everything sounds like it is going great back home! I am so happy
to hear that everything is going better with Abe and Kamryn! That will
be super exciting to hear the news about how her doctor appointment
goes next Saturday! Dad you continue to impress me with your diligence
in not drinking soda! I’m sure that KG Grocery is missing your 50 cents
every morning! However, just know your health is more important than
their business! Ha ha Mom! I’m pretty impressed with you winning the
competition at work! I sure as heck hope that the girls are being good
and staying outta trouble with it being summer time!

Well, just as things are going good at home! It’s the same here
in Vallejo, California, if not better! We are working so hard right
now, and are seeing so many miracles and blessings coming from it! For
example this past week we were able to find 11 new investigators! We
had over half of the zones new investigators! It was mind blowing
especially because of the fact that usually week 1 of the transfer is
kinda slow because of transfers!

Things truly are going great! I just want you all to know how well my
health diet is going! From the day I came to Vallejo I was weighing
about 210lbs! Saturday night at dinner I was able to check my weight
again, and I weighed in at 195.7 lbs! Now that’s what I'm talking about!
I haven't been at this weight since my senior year during basketball
season! Now I’m going to start losing more fat and gaining muscle! So
if you want to send a care package from amazon or something Protein
would be great, or a Meal supplement! That will be great!

So Monday we had a great preparation day! It was pretty fun and
interesting! But because it was transfers, and week 6
p-day means that we have to deep clean our apartment and everyone who
is getting transferred has to pack up all of their things up! We were
able to have a lot of fun though, and a good amount of relaxing for me, as I
was the only one in the apartment that was staying here in Vallejo! Ha
ha, but that also meant I had to clean everything because no one else
was willing to clean because it wasn't their apartment anymore! Kinda
frustrating, however pretty fun!

Monday night we were able to see a few families before Elder Alvarado
packed up his bags, and left to Ukiah, so he could say goodbye!
However, while we were walking we were able to contact a lady who was
super interested in our offered to leave a blessing from Jesus Christ upon
her home, and she told us she wanted us to come over right then!
It was super exciting and the entire family was great! We are hoping
to continue teaching them! As they love to watch religious views on

Tuesday, was not the kind of day I was hoping for! Elder Alvarado had in
his mind that he didn't want to walk or contact people in our area
anymore! So he decided he was going to get his hair cut! Holy cow,
that literally took all day until dinner! Don't ask me why but he had
some many things to do! So after dinner, we went to the
Lopez family’s house and we ate more food, and hung out there all night! It
was not the most productive day!

Wednesday I got left here in Vallejo, while all the other missionaries
were able to take off to Santa Rosa to the transfer meeting! Well not
exactly all of the missionaries however the majority went, because
basically our entire zone got transferred! During that time I got
Elder Jeppson as my companion for a day! We were able to teach one of
his investigators all of the commandments that are necessary for
Baptism! His investigator was then baptized on Friday! It was amazing
to see how much she had changed! I was super excited! As well as our
new companions got here! Holy cow! Things are great!

Elder Delgado, Elder Wright, And Elder Carrillo and I all live in the
same apartment! We all have the same personality! It’s kind of like
getting Dad, Jason Petersen, and all their brothers together! It would
be a party right? Well it’s the same in our apartment! We are having
fun, but at the same time are doing WORK!

Thursday we were able to put a full day of work in! Here in Vallejo
with Elder Delgado! He is getting to know our investigators however,
he is loving the work, and helping me gain more confidence with my
Spanish every day! I am super excited!

Friday we were able to teach our first District Meeting together! We
are District Leader companions which means we teach District Meeting
together! It was pretty fun to finally be able to plan and prepare for
a District considering last transfer Elder Alvarado never wanted to
plan with me! Kind of frustrating! Our District meeting went so
smooth! We were able to have so much fun, and teach according to the
plans we were giving by our leaders! (President and Sister Alba)

Saturday we had another great day! Picking up new investigators like
crazy! We picked up 11 this week! Which is mind blowing! We also were
able to set baptismal dates with Jessica and Jonathan! I’m super
excited, because we were also able to teach Javier the boyfriend
and the mother Veronica together! We talked about marriage and they
are both down for it! So many miracles are coming to Vallejo, and we
continue to be obedient and work hard!

Yesterday being Fast Sunday we were able to have tons of fun, and I
was able to have the opportunity to share my testimony! I am so
blessed to be serving Spanish speaking, and to be able to share my
testimony with others! President and Sister Alba joined us here in
Vallejo for church on Sunday! It was pretty surprising, however we had
a great meeting with them after the meeting concerning how we can
help the members become stronger!

Things are going great here in Vallejo!

Elder Delgado is my new companion! He is from El Paso, Texas! He loves
basketball, we have a lot in common and he speaks perfect Spanish, and is the
typical Hispanic! Loves making fun of Hispanics however he is one
himself! I absolutely love him!

I love you all, and thank you all so much for the wonderful support!
Love, Elder Albertson

 Elder Alvarado and I! Last night!! 
Figured we needed a picture
 to send home! 
More to come in the future!

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